What to do if the online casino is down?

Sometimes players have problems accessing the casino site. They can be caused by poor connection, DoS attacks on the resource, planned maintenance of the site. However, the most common reason why a casino is down is due to blocking by providers. This casino may be closed due to the ban on the activities of gambling sites on the territory of the Russian Federation. To provide players with stable access and entrance to the casino, the administration creates mirrors – duplicates of the main sites, which fully retain their functionality and allow them to enjoy all the entertainment. Through copies, users will also be able to:

* replenish and withdraw funds;

* contact the club support service;

* take part in promotions and tournaments;

* activate bonuses and wager them;

* register accounts (new visitors). You can find up-to-date links to mirrors by searching in your browser or by contacting the site’s support service. Since duplicates are also blocked sooner or later, the administration makes several addresses at once and issues them to the players.

Benefits of using mirrors

Today, there are a number of ways to bypass blocking, but copies of the master resource are the most popular. There are several reasons for this:

1. Simplicity. Customers do not need to install additional programs, register in them, etc. Working casino mirrors allow you to simply log in and continue the gameplay.

2. Saving progress. Data between the main site and its copies are constantly synchronized, so players do not have to worry about saving information on current victories, bonuses, and wagering.

3. Protection of personal data. All the personal information provided by the players, payment details are under the multilevel encryption system, so there is no need to be afraid of transferring data to third parties.

4. Fast work. Clubs receive thousands of customers every day, which may lead to delays in loading devices and pages. Duplicates are accepted by fewer people than due to their quick response to requests. It is worth noting that scammers can trade on the network who provide gamblers with links to fake pages in order to steal personal information. There is no need to use addresses found on the Internet at random. Such sites can be similar to those where the casino operates, and even experienced players do not always find the differences.

Alternative methods for bypassing locks

In addition to the mirrors of the casino’s official website, there are several other methods to bypass provider restrictions. VPN programs are very popular in Russia, which help to change the client’s IP address to European, American or Asian. Thus, the user visits the club’s website from another country, on the territory of which there are no prohibitions regarding the use of the services of gambling establishments. There are other less popular, but perfectly working methods:

* Anonymizers. Using a special web service, the user enters the address of the casino in the search bar, and she sends a request to the desired resource on behalf of the anonymizer.

* Proxy. The client’s requests are conducted through intermediary servers, which process the information and send the results back to the players.

* Tor browser. A program with several levels of data encryption, which provides quick access to any site and allows you to visit it completely anonymously. Knowing how to bypass provider locks, gamblers will be able to use casino sites at any convenient time and place.