Playing Keno at Online Casino

Keno is said to have been in existence in China during the Hyn dynasty. Some unconfirmed reports say it was a means of funding for the local Chinese government at that time. The game is said to have gained popularity and reached Europe from where it found its way to the United States in the 19th century.

The present day Keno is a fast paced game based on lottery. This game has been available and being played at land based casinos since a long time. With the advent of video keno machines, the game reached online casinos where players could try their hand at this easy to play game without visiting a traditional casino.

Online Keno can be played live as well as on the video keno machines. Some players prefer to play with a live dealer as they get to interact with the dealer via a webcam and get the real feel. Most online keno players prefer the video keno version as it offers high speed games and brilliant graphics.

Playing online keno is easy as the game looks similar to slot games. The player gets to pick the numbers they wish to bet on by clicking them. Players can pick as many numbers as they wish within the permissible limits. These limits vary across games and/or online casinos with many offering as many as 20 numbers. Some games are said to have an inbuilt auto-pick function which picks the numbers for the players. But it is always better to pick your numbers as you can rely upon your knowledge and past history to pick numbers which are most likely to win you the game.

Players can select how much they wish to bet and the number of rounds they wish to play in a row. A regular round takes about 10 seconds but some casinos offer super fast games where it gets finished within a few seconds. The casino displays numbers drawn at random and if a player’s numbers are a match, he/she wins the prize. It is best not to pick too many numbers or too few numbers as how many numbers are picked can have an impact on how much you win.