New Achievement System at

Online casino players prefer to play games like slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, scratch cards and craps but one game usually missing from casinos is backgammon. Backgammon is not offered by the regular online casinos but one site which offers this game is is an online backgammon site which gives players a chance to play this game online. New players can try it for fun without spending a dime while members can try their hand at it for money and win, if they’re lucky. The site offers different promotions and tournaments so that players can check their skills and play against the pros.

As per a recent announcement by, the site said that they wish to do something more than offering games to players and have launched a new achievement system. This new system proposes a list of goals to all members, of both real money mode and Virtual money mode. Players who achieve a goal will get credits, rating or Shop points for real money players which can be used for buying cash, tournament entries and other items.

Players will be offered Daily achievements and Lifetime achievements of which the former will be easier to meet. They will set some goals daily which if meet will grant them their daily achievement to be converted into Achievement Points. The site will give a prize daily based on the Achievement Points collected by a player every day.

Daily achievement points gives shop points rewards which players can earn by collecting as many as 30-50 points daily to earn 50 Shop Points. Those who manage to reach 500+ points will get 1000 Shop Points reward from Players who complete all daily achievements will be awarded a 50.000 Store Points bonus worth approximately $250.

Similarly there are prizes for virtual money mode achievements where players can earn credits bonus and rating bonus. The Lifetime Achievements are difficult to earn but those who manage this feat can earn a trophy and a bonus just once.