Expert chooses a Curacao license. Jurisdiction Comparison

big winExpert chooses the Curacao license. Comparison of jurisdictions Fast Offshore has twenty years of experience in online gambling. It evaluated jurisdictions and chose Curacao. A popular license chosen by almost all Russian-oriented casinos. Despite the lack of credibility due to the lack of normal regulation, it is the most economical and undemanding, which is beneficial to operators.  Of all available jurisdictions, the company’s experts settled on three: Curacao, Kanawake and Malta. Of these, Curacao is in first place due to its cost-effectiveness. It is not only the cheapest option, but also the easiest, because there are fewer requirements for applicants. Processing time is shorter, and an important point is that companies pay 0% tax. 

Kanawake’s license was the second choice. This license has been obtained by many online casino no verification withdrawal. As in the previous case, operators are exempt from taxes, but this jurisdiction is more demanding. Although the process of obtaining a license is also quite quick and flexible. The cost is slightly higher than in the case of Curaçao, but the reputation is already quite different. Kanawake is known as a reputable jurisdiction that keeps its eye on order. Malta is in third place because of the higher price and more complicated process of obtaining. However, today the jurisdiction has a good reputation and is quite highly regarded.