Casino birthday bonuses. Who gives, who gets?

Casino bonusesOnce very popular, today’s birthday bonuses can be found in not every casino. Based on the fact that gambling sites are designed to entertain and almost all of them position themselves as generous givers, on your important holiday you expect some kind of attention from them. But, unfortunately, expectations are not always met.  What casinos give birthday bonuses? It is impossible to list by name operators, as the bonus policy is constantly changing. Today they congratulate you, tomorrow they do not. It’s even possible that by the time you officially become a year older, this kind of casino practice will disappear altogether, even if it originally was. So just choose a good, reliable place, focusing on other factors. If you are looking for a reliable place to play it advisable to read about Dama Casinos.

If it’s bonuses that are important, then choose favorable standard offers that rarely change or disappear. For example, welcome gifts, weekly promotions, etc. To select the operator can use our handy ranking of casinos with lots of useful filters. To find out if they offer birthday bonuses, you should first look at all of the promotions available on the website. Some operators list them directly in the bonus section. But this is not a common practice. You may not find information about such gifts at all, but nevertheless the operator will charge them. Second, look at the section of the casino loyalty program. Sometimes birthday gifts are listed as a privilege for punters of certain levels. And if there’s nothing there either, you can contact support and ask them. But even if they assure you that such bonuses are credited, it’s not certain that you’ll receive them. It is not uncommon for large casinos to ignore events such as a punter’s birthday. And smaller operators attach more importance to it. Although it’s not every once in a while. Find out everywhere. Wildblaster Casino, unlike other casinos are very generous with bonuses. 

Shy and modest punters who simply count on the generosity of the operator will receive fewer congratulations. But those who hustle, have a better chance of getting something. Some do this – even before the birthday they write to all the casinos, which are registered and ask if they will be some kind of gift. There’s a good chance you won’t get any response at all, but some will respond and even credit you with a bonus upon request. So if you want a gift, don’t be lazy to take the initiative. You can also send a request right after your birthday if you don’t automatically get anything. Of course, VIP punters are given special attention. There the casino itself will not forget about the holiday and the fact that you need to give something as a gift. In general, everything will depend on how valuable a punter you seem to be to the casino. If you play small and make little profit, it’s natural that operators will be less generous towards you. We are talking about legit online casinos Canada. There is a tendency for casinos where the punter regularly deposits, do not offer birthday gifts. And those in which the punter has had little or no activity send greetings with bonuses. From this we can conclude that while these offers used to come as a thank you for playing, they are now used more to encourage play. What kind of bonus can I get on my birthday? Gifts can come in many different forms. Again, based on how valuable you are to the casino. 

These are usually no deposit bonuses, but some may ask for a deposit as well. You can count on a small cash amount of $10-$20 with little or no wagering for a non-large punter. Also popular are non-deposit freespins 10-50 spins. Here, too, it’s not the number of spins that matters, but their value. Some get minimum, others more or less expensive spins. In the category of VIP punters there are no certain standards. It can be anything and tickets to exclusive events and some trips, plus the usual bonuses, only in larger amounts. For example, if a normal punter is given $10, the VIP gets a few hundred. In general, everything that the imagination of people who organize gifts is enough.